Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moving On

Well..I just heard from Blogspot and the traffic generated here has almost burned their servers up.  I don't know if that's possible but..In response, I am happy to announce there is a new and improved site to view my blogging self.

What I'm saying is, I won't be around here anymore. So if you want to keep current, then you need to move on as well.  Believe me, it was fun while it lasted.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Readers check and respond...

You people crack me up.  Readers have been sending me their check yourself reflections by email.  I don't blame you.  I wouldn't want my name by these either.  So here they are.  Enjoy ~

Red flags you may want to check yourself

The last time you saw your boss, he was testifying against you.

You can't pass the pre-employment credit check for Amscott.

A family member says to you sadly, "We need to do something about that bench warrant."         wow.

You use the bicycle rack outside ABC liquor store.    

When you pick up your prescription, the pharmacist say "do you have any questions about your medications today?..because I sure do."      ok,  this one is mine... next.

You are wearing a red turtle neck and male.

I think you all nailed it.  Nicely done.

Happy Friday!

Canadude Interview #1

On Fridays, the post will be an interview. I will try to find interesting and engaging people to broaden our perspective. In the spirit of  full disclosure, today I didn't try that hard. The interview was conducted via MSN so the format will reflect that.  I try to preserve as much integrity of the interview as possible.

*Canadude has recently suffered a personal setback and was not up for a full interview.  Actually, towards the end, he just quit responding.  But he does offer some telling insight into poutine.*

Nicole says:              thanks for doing this

canadude says:         yeah

Nicole says:              Americans don't know what poutine is..

canadude says:        fries, mozzarella cheese curds...and gravy
                               and if you make it at home it wont taste like it should

Nicole says:             ok

canadude says:        its gotta be bought at a fast food place or a hockey rink or something

Nicole says:            so its impossible to get here ?

 canadude. says:       maybe

Nicole says:             it is a conspiracy..

canadude. says:        nah

Nicole says:            is that Canadian for no?

 canadude:              lol

Nicole says:           who would want to control poutine in your opinion?

canadude says:       search it on google.   Canada controls poutine lol

There you go..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

You better check yo self

I recently asked a friend about the term "you better check yourself."  Or as Ice Cube says "check yo self".  I thought it was a hockey term so went straight to a Canadian for clarification. I forget what he said, but it didn't seem to be sports related.

I  consulted  an expert panel of native English speakers who couldn't concur on the nature of this term. So I  weigh in as the final opinion and say it relates to assessing one's condition. It's like a physical/emotional status update. It's a quick mental sweep of where and how you are. Failure to do this regularly could lead to problems.

The conversation then naturally led to the phrase "you better check yourself before you wreck yourself." It really is solid advice. So I did and here are a few thoughts that came up.  Enjoy~

red flags that you may want to check your self.

you're using a hoveround as a car

you are an adult and riding on the handle bars of a bicycle

when asked "what do you do?" in a social setting, you answer "play online poker"
(This happened to me and prompted this post..moving on)

you are at the city dump but not to drop things off

you are wearing sweat pants but have not or will not work out today

these were pretty solids I thought. Can you think of anymore?

Coming up soon, an in depth interview with Canadude who will provide riveting insight into today's Canada.
We will discuss the conspiracy to keep poutine out of America among other pressing topics.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beer and Egos

I recently told a friend, my novel in progress is the funniest I have  read.  He commented on my ego, but I stand by it.  It should be really.  I wrote it for myself.  The characters are flawed and the plot messy. Just like life.  And life is funny.

Hemingway said "A man's got to take a lot of punishment to write a really funny book."  He should know and I agree.  I know life can be hard and cruel.  And impossibly unfair for some.  It's much easier to find humor in other's misfortune than our own.  I sometimes laugh when others fall down, before I know they are alright.  I feel bad about that a little.

But I have learned to laugh at myself as well.  Sometimes hopeless situations can't be changed, but are funny over a beer.  Things didn't end so well for Hemingway.  Maybe he laughed too little or drank too much.  That part I don't know.

I do know that my novel is funny and real.  It is imperfect and brilliant in it's own way.  Just like me.  Just like life.  My friend will think this entry is funny ;)

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Imaginary Cause

Some things don't change. I'm still working on a manuscript that has been done for six months and am obsessed to distraction with Nietzsche. Anyone taking a glimpse of my nightstand would beg me to go have some fun. I am not a dark person. But I can't move on to the next thing until I exhaust the current. And I am exhausted.

I did take a short hiatus with Hemingway but found him too grounded and reasonable. I need to examine myself using a high-powered lens.

So I find good reason and comfort in editing a comma for the tenth time and changing a word back and forth until the sentence is distorted. I started with an idea, it became a manuscript, then a dream and now a headache. I fear the unknown and now satisfying this persistent feeling to move by running in place.

I asked what to do once when you have read all his books and all the books about his books. Well the answer is reread them of course. Makes perfect sense in my rabbit hole.